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The ruling tattwa is Agni and planet is Mars.

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Suppose Saturn afflicts Mars then the native may be addictied to Alchohol [intoxicants] and the reason of this addiction is due to anger [Mars]. Here two planets are involved, Saturn causing the addiction and Mars the original problem which lead to it. I am still learning and studying the topic so would request the Gurus to correct any mistakes.

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Trimsamsa D-30 Chart

You name it, we have it! Love is the beauty of the soul. Let me have one example. My Lagna chart has virgo as ascendant with 2 deg 46 min. Guru 8 do. Budha 7 do. Sukra 5 do. Kindly suggest what these things are read from. Posted April 25, For making the Trimsamsa the following rules are to be applied Therefore the planet in an odd sign should be in the odd sign trimsamsa ruling planet and the planet in even sign should be the horoscope should be placed in the even sign of its trimsamsa ruling planet.

Shtri Jataka adhyaya

The ascendant lagna if it is an odd sign shoukd be placed in the odd sign of its trimsamsa ruling planet and if it is in an even sign it should be placed in the even sign of its trimsamsa ruling planet The followin table shows the trimsamsa division of the signs and their rulers I request to all mambers to guide us further on it Pls provide us ur data May Jupiter's light shine on us For making Trimsamsa chart the zodiac sign of 30 degree is devided into five unequal parts.

In this division Sun and moon do not rule any part while the remaining five planets are given the ruleship Your content will need to be approved by a moderator.

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