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Because of his frequent retrograde motion, in Mercury will spend more time in the three water signs than all the other nine signs combined! As we can see from the diagram below, in the inferior conjunctions of Mercury with the Sun, which define the mid-point of the retrograde period, are all happening in water signs. But what does this mean?

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How can we expect to experience this watery inundation? I would suggest that under the influence of water, nothing is as it seems. Whatever we hear or see, it should be assumed to have a whole universe of emotive precursors behind it. We should ask about these and be prepared to listen and reflect back what we hear. Water is a feminine or Yin element. The alchemical symbol for water is an inverted triangle, representing its nature, which is to move down and inward. We may want to spend less time in outward action and more time going within ourselves.

Water has no shape of its own and so takes on the form earth of whatever container it encounters. It will be important to have healthy containers and surrender those that are no longer viable. In terms of Aristotelian qualities, water is moist, which means it tends to bring people, places, and things together. We can allow ourselves to be drawn together via these watery currents. Finally, water is the slowest of all the elements to change. So we can cultivate the long view and the patience to go along with it.

Since the rest of my analysis will focus on the socio-political realm, I refer the reader in search of a personal take on this subject to an excellent article by a talented colleague of ours, Austin Coppock. In , we find ourselves in the midst of a series of Uranus-Pluto alignments with the Mercury Elemental year being so watery. This just happens to be , the year of the fabled Summer of Love. Far from it. What I am pointing to is the existence of a similar opportunity for a progressive rebellion against the status quo Uranus-Pluto to gain new levels of cohesion Mercury Elemental Year in water.

However, one of the main differences between and is how the Uranus-Pluto alignments are aspecting the planetary nodes. Planetary nodes are a very important, and yet underutilized, aspect of modern astrology. We know that the Equinox points are defined by the places where the celestial equator crosses the ecliptic, and these form the very foundations of the tropical zodiac. The places where other bodies cross the ecliptic plane, like the lunar nodes, have also been important to astrology for some time. Dane Rudhyar said that the planetary nodes represent places where the essential quality of that planet affects the very structure and the roots of our individuality as a member of the human species.

As the greater benefic, Jupiter is generally fortunate and has a similar power to bring people and things together as Venus, but on a more abstract, philosophical, and detached level, like Zeus looking down from Mt Olympus. As a planet, Jupiter also has several moons and Zeus fathered innumerable children. I noticed three emerging trends in the news recently that may reflect these themes.

The first article I noticed tells us that the housing market appears to finally be on the mend, with new foreclosures the lowest in six years. Census bureau that projects increasing diversity in the population 8. It is projected that the U. Non-whites are projected to be a majority by and will make up nearly 60 percent of the population by As I outlined in my recent blog for TMA on the election, this has enormous ramifications for elected officials who steer public policy. Perhaps, as the Mercury retrogrades moved from the element of fire to water, the Occupy movement has moved from having outrage fire in common to having compassion for victims and the chains of unfair debt loads.

Given their ability to stay relevant during the Mercury Elemental Year transition from fire to water, it could very well be that movements like Occupy will find a new level of cohesion in Online readers can find a link to view a copy of the article here. Erin Sullivan, Retrograde Planets , Weiser, Readers who are not acquainted with this classic work can get a preview here.

Bio: Gary P. Caton is an eclectic Astrologer who embraces an organic, process-oriented approach of spiritual exploration via the Living Sky. Gary has studied Spirituality for over 23 years. After exploring Shamanism and the Tarot, in , his life was changed by a magnificent Dream where he was shown planetary alignments and became an Astrologer. Gary earned a degree in Counseling with honors and has developed a unique multi-discipline path to practicing Astrology over 19 years.

Visit Gary at his website: Dream Astrologer. I watched a NASA news conference this week. The astrophysicists and astronomers felt it was essential to communicate to the public after receiving masses of emails and calls from people in acute anxiety about what is going to happen on December 21, It was informative, but, like most astrologers, I dwell in a land that includes myth and magic and all kinds of inexplicable phenomena. And the December 21, date, largely interpreted as the date of the end of the Mayan Long Count calendar, has taken a place in human imagination all around the globe.

Coinciding with speculation on Mayan cosmology, of course, is the longest night of the year in the northern hemisphere , the winter solstice. After its light and power have been diminishing for the past months, the Sun reaches its maximum southern declination and stands still in declination.

It is very low in the noon sky; its movement is imperceptible. What if the light and warmth of the Sun never return? How will we survive? There is a layer of chill and terror in our primitive brains; our ancestors created ritual, lighting the Yuletide fires to evoke the Sun to return. It is still a time of ritual and prayer and petition. What is being activated in the collective psyche in these times?

The obvious sources for global anxiety β€” climate change, civil unrest, financial chaos, water and food shortages β€” are stunning and haunting. Startlingly creative to challenging moments seem to be magnifying, and, at times, the world can seem whole and perfect and fiercely and longingly full of love. As the good people at NASA remind us, the Sun is 28, light years away from the Galactic Center, so the Sun will not literally fall into the dark rift.

But, if you just heard about the Sun falling into the dark rift and bringing our entire solar system with it, that could be cause for anxiety. We know change is everywhere β€” invisible and subtle sometimes, and also with enormous and blatant display. The aspect will be exact again on March 3 and September 20, I find this an omen that we might be demolished and reconstructed β€” on whatever level or in whatever area there is a need β€” with a hint of gentleness and ease.

This is the waning sextile in the cycle that began with the conjunction in ; the waxing square was in ; the opposition in , and the waning square in November through August The transition in the calendar year between and was accompanied by the waning square between these two planets. Perhaps we are in a time where the experience of being at the abyss, i.

This aspect forms exactly between October and July ; these two will not form a trine again until There is a Sanskrit word, sav karuna , which means self-compassion β€” the practice of diving deeply into our own hearts towards compassion for self that then might be extended to others. Saturn-Neptune suggests engaging with the invisible worlds, feeling the space between thoughts, cultivating our unique artistry, finding a pathway that is inclusive and spacious enough to hold our wildest imagination and aspirations.

I had a Saturn-Neptune moment the other morning. I was just awake from a series of dreams. And unusual for me as I usually bound from bed several hours before dawn to go out and look at the sky. Sometimes the instruction to choose between fear and love is obvious and easy, but Saturn in Scorpio can also bring an inquiry into the contours of fear.

Saturn is an anchor, and in Scorpio it suggests that ongoing openness to Scorpio motifs might keep us steady on the path. The sign has countless correspondences, of course, but the connection to that which is hidden, denied, or uncomfortable in the feeling life is an edge that we can notice. Staying open and vulnerable right at the edge of our defenses can be a practice itself, and the circumstances of our lives can change. I watched a video about He was at home, where his body stayed in repose for 24 hours, surrounded by immense tenderness, beauty, and great love.

The leaded one turned retrograde 37 days after he was born. It was a dignified and peaceful passing. This is a simple tribute to Venus and Saturn, now traveling together in Scorpio, crossing his Midheaven and guiding my friend on. On Sunday night I went to a festive goodbye dinner for another friend who is moving to a far away country.

It was an enchanted evening with rounds of affection, cocktails with fresh orchids as garnish, and champagne and superb food. No one wanted to say goodbye. Come to think of it, maybe I was part of Venus-Saturn at the table too β€” I was the oldest female, but kept up quite well with my younger companions. The often-present fog and clouds were gone when I got home and the night sky was beautiful β€” the gibbous Moon, Jupiter close to Aldebaran in Taurus, Betelgeuse, Rigel and Orion. I know these are the easiest to find in the sky, but I was so happy that I could clearly see them all.

I wish one of my star gazing friends had been there with me; we could have identified many others, but it was an exquisite final scene to a weekend of rare and tender beauty. Please enjoy these fine writers on various themes of the time. The conjunction is also exact this week. He has a graphic of the morning sky where, if you have clear skies, you can see Saturn, Venus, and maybe even Mercury. Her website has information about her book, Secrets of the Ancient Skies , published shortly before she passed away in June. But to a purpose. Each defines an area that will be tapped for good or ill; the tests are intense and unavoidable.

Algol, like the other stars, confers tasks upon us which, if comprehended and accepted, offer great rewards of power and creativity. These stellar challenges are not to be feared, but understood and used in a positive manner. Rather, each incarnating soul brings with it, in the form of its daemon, a goal or agenda which environmental and parental influences can either collaborate with or interfere with. She describes an easy-to-try technique which I mentioned in the story of my newly departed friend.

How many of us are lucky enough to have a sibling who is also an astrologer? Speaking of luck and siblings: we each have Mercury conjunct Jupiter β€” in different signs β€” in our natal charts. Crises and transformations of this magnitude are what Scorpio is all about. Is there a purpose? What are we supposed to think when our home and all our earthly possessions have floated away? What new decisions and commitments have to be made as a result? Despite the expectations and predictions of many astrologers for a repeat of the chaos, the election was mostly quick, clean, and decisive.

Unlike the other classical planets, with their more predictable natures, Mercury is a wildcard. It is the archetype of the trickster, a shape-shifting shaman who blends into the nature of his surroundings like a chameleon. With Mercury, more than any other planet, the devil is indeed in the details. One of the most basic, and often overlooked, detail of any Mercury retrograde is the element within which it occurs. For instance, in the year , all three Mercury retrogrades happened mostly in the water signs, with the final retrograde of the year stationing direct just into the last degree of the air sign of Libra on Election Day.

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In the following tables you will see the sign and degree of the Mercury conjunctions for and I use the inferior or retrograde conjunction of Mercury with the Sun as the elemental marker because it happens at the midpoint of the retrograde period, and thus whatever element Mercury makes the conjunction in is the element within which he spends more time in retrograde motion for instance, the next inferior conjunction is November 17 in Scorpio.

Mercury spends eight days retrograde in Sagittarius and 12 days retrograde in Scorpio β€” thus the water element is more accentuated than fire. The next inferior conjunction is November 17 in Scorpio, and the following inferior conjunction will be on March 4, in Pisces. The retrograde will be primarily in the water element until and will not return to the fire signs until In fact, in the Mercury retrogrades were transitioning from water to air signs, as in The next inferior conjunction was on February 16, in Aquarius, and the air cycle continued for another or so.

So, in both and , the Mercury retrograde periods were moving from the element of water to the element of air.

However, in , the Mercury retrograde period is moving from fire to water. This then underscores a fundamental difference between the and elections β€” the election was resonating more strongly with the tone of the U. Sibly chart than the election. Now, does this mean there will be none of the reversals characteristic of Mercury retrograde in this election?

So then, what does this election mean when put into proper context? In the chart for the election, cast for midnight at Dixville Notch, New Hampshire, where voting begins, we see that Mercury in Sagittarius is in mutual reception to Jupiter in Gemini. In Gemini things are fractured into countless diverse and unique pieces and in Sagittarius they come back together through some divine unifying principle. Accordingly, the results of the elections were diverse. When seen as a whole, I think it is clear that historically this will be looked at as a re-alignment election. Candidates can no longer simply rely on the white male vote to get elected president of this country.

Does this sound hyperbolic? White: Barack Obama became the first two-term President who is not white. He is now one of only 22 men who have won election to a second term. If he completes his term, he will be only the 13th President to do so. Male: Four newly elected and six re-elected female Senators will join the th Congress, giving us 19 female senators.


Straight: Gay marriage measures passed in Maine, Maryland, and Washington state, and the first openly gay person was elected to the Senate. Square: Marijuana de-criminalization measures passed in Colorado and Washington state.

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Christian: The first practicing Hindu congresswoman was elected and will take her oath of office on the Bhagavad Gita. In summary, it appears that Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius, in mutual reception with Jupiter in Gemini, has resulted in an election that would make the ancient alchemists proud.

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On the day before the U. He has allegedly deceived and inveigled everyone in his personal and professional life, yet he continues to deny it. Though not a politician per se, he has thought of running for governor of Texas; he is known to be a friend to former President George W. Bush; he was previously engaged to the singer Sheryl Crow; he has multiple celebrity friends; and he is best known around the United States and the world for being one of the best athletes in history.

Lance Armstrong was born September 19, in Plano, Texas. Armstrong demonstrated exceptional athletic ability at an early age, winning teen triathlons. He moved into the sport of cycling in his early 20s and would eventually go on to participate in the Olympics, several more triathlons, and, most notably, to win seven Tour de France titles. He was diagnosed with metastatic testicular cancer at the age of 25, underwent invasive treatment though his chance of survival was low , and beat the odds to survive. It is this feat, and his subsequent winning of the Tour de France titles, that made him so famous.

Postal of having put in place a systematic scheme of doping for himself and everyone on the team; allegedly, the doping went back for years. Subsequently, their evidence was used by the International Cycling Union UCI to ban Armstrong for life and to strip him of all titles won since August of This eclipse occurred at the degree of his natal Mars-North Node conjunction and shows his capacity for exceptional athletic ability and the drive to succeed in the world Mars conjunct North Node.

Furthermore, having that conjunction on the point of the PNLE acts as a catalyst in his life. The eclipse gives an extra push to that conjunction, helping to propel Lance into the realm of extraordinary athletic ability and world-class status. As I mentioned earlier, his teammates have accused Armstrong of being the ringleader β€” organizing the entire doping scheme and also coercing them to participate. Hollywood Stars. Cook; Financial Advice from Suze Orman. Phil Talks Politics. Phone Call" Contest; Sen.

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